Research in our lab stems from interests and wishes of our members and it is driven by curiosity. Except possible funding, human resources or time constrains there are no restrictions. However, we try to maintain a certain focus and make on-going projects synergistic and complementary to make our research accomplished, consistent and productive. This focus is on the systematics of beetles, mainly their largest family Staphylinidae, for which we can offer some experience, tradition and resources. We understand 'systematics' in its broad multidisciplinary sense which incorporates species inventories, revisionary taxonomy, phylogenetics and all possible combinations or spinoffs of these areas or their intersections with various technological advancements. A universe of questions to explore about beetles is endless, and we are open to them. However, we prioritize research which improves badly needed systematic knowledge about beetle species and evolutionary lineages they form and which is based on, and enriches the museum collection of beetle specimens. Field expeditions and sampling new material for our own needs and for sharing with broad community of colleagues are one of the pillars of our research program. Due to our location, capacity of our institution, history of research work by Alexey that defined some open projects and diverse input of all lab members, currently our research is centered around three main themes:

1. Phylogenetic systematics of Staphylinidae as a whole using total evidence approach. 
2. Data integration in the phylogenetic systematics (morphology and genomics, recent and extinct species).
3. Systematics and revisionary taxonomy of the poorly known groups of Staphylininae and allied subfamilies.
4. Systematics and biogeography of the selected north and south temperate lineages of Staphylinidae.
5. Staphylinidae of Russia in broad Holarctic context: filling a knowledge gap for the large geographic area.
6. Beetles of Denmark and Northern Europe: how a limited well-known fauna can be a great research tool.