Welcome to Alexey Solodovnikov Lab 
    at the Natural History Museum of Denmark

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We belong to a highly cross-disciplinary field of biological systematics.
We discover and describe species of extant and extinct faunas, reconstruct phylogenies, and perform taxonomic monography. We contribute to the study of macro- and microevolution, biogeography and ecology. Reciprocally, we use those areas of knowledge in our quest for natural classification.

Mainly we target Beetles (Coleoptera), a mega-diverse and landscape dominating insect order. Our particular focus is rove beetles (Staphylinidae), the largest family of living organisms of high biological impact with poorly known species diversity and phylogeny. No wonder that rove beetle classification needs much development.
We strive for amalgamating classical systematic entomology with newly emerging fields of statistical phylogenetics, genomics and bioinformatics. 

Current research directions: 

Phylogeny and species-level revisions of the poorly known rove beetle lineages, especially Staphylininae and allied. 

Taxonomic, phylogenetic and biogeographic studies of the selected groups of Staphylinidae of special interest. 

Eco-faunistics of Staphylinidae and Coleoptera, especially in the Palearctic region and in particular in Denmark. 

Data integration in systematic entomology, bridging palaeo- and neo-entomology.

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